Business Alliance to Scale Climate Solutions

BASCS seeks to serve and engage all organizations working to scale and improve climate solutions opportunities for business investment. Join us!

BASCS formally launched at COP26 on Saturday, November 6, a day dedicated to land and nature events. A recording of the live-streamed event is available here, and below.

The BASCS Founders are proud to share the following updates from the initiative’s work underway since its soft launch in June 2021.


The Business Alliance to Scale Climate Solutions (BASCS) welcomes new corporate funders and partners to join BASCS to:

  • Scale Impact. Meet, learn, and act together to scale climate solutions including avoidance, abatement, and removals.
  • Learn & Act Together. Access resources and advance understanding of emerging climate solutions, standards, and approaches.
  • Co-Invest with Peers. Identify and share opportunities to co-invest in high-impact climate solutions with peers.
  • Amplify Successes. Share success stories and build the narrative for high-impact, high-integrity climate solutions.

Learn more about BASCS Membership here!


Foundational Resources

BASCS will work to curate and centralize key resources to help companies navigate the climate solutions landscape. Current resources include:

  • BASCS Primer, the first in a series, this primer acts as a high-level guide and outlines a seven-step process for purchasing carbon credits for corporations in the voluntary carbon market (VCM).

  • Carbon Credit Basics for Business, a contribution by EDF to the BASCS initiative.
  • Climate Solutions Resource Hub: Foundational resources for companies exploring climate solutions funding and voluntary carbon markets curated by BASCS Members and Partners.


Featured Workstream

Blue Carbon

Team Blue is working to accelerate blue carbon markets via three pathways:

  • Learn together to expand our collective knowledge of the blue carbon landscape.
  • Enable companies to become blue carbon credit buyers by creating shared tools and guidance to facilitate efficient and impactful blue carbon investment decisions.
  • Amplify investments through the Blue Carbon Buyers Alliance, a group of carbon credit buyers utilizing demand pooling to catalyze the voluntary carbon market for blue carbon ecosystem conservation and restoration.


Neutral, enabling companies with any level of previous experience to explore a variety of climate solutions perspectives and funding mechanisms.
Inclusive of a variety of solutions, such as carbon credits and other forms of investment, removals and avoidance, nature-based solutions, and technological solutions.
A business-driven collaboration for scale, dedicated to increasing the volume and impact of corporate carbon credit purchases and other climate solutions funding, supported by NGO/IGO partners and experts.

Our Approach

Building the Alliance

that connects, enables, and grows the global community of practice. BASCS provides navigation assistance for companies while building a centralized corporate audience for NGOs, experts, and organizations seeking funding.

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Learning & Acting Together

to accelerate action and improve impact by disseminating information and opportunities to and from the community of practice.



the movement by empowering businesses with clear guidance, resources, and learning opportunities.

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the corporate funder’s voice as a proof point to support meaningful public sector action.

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Member Principles

BASCS’ work is grounded in four core principles:

01Emissions Reduction

BASCS members prioritize work to reduce their own emissions in line with a science-based target (e.g., through the SBTi) and pursue high impact climate investments that go even further to curb climate change. Members will seek scalable solutions to help make hard-to-achieve reductions feasible in the future. Climate solutions funding is a complement rather than a substitute for science-based emissions reductions.

02Ambition to Action

BASCS members work to catalyze and deepen investments in global emissions reductions, avoided emissions and removals across and beyond value chains (e.g., mobilizing others in the corporate sector to invest alongside us).

03Measurable impact

BASCS members support applying sound and verified methodologies to ensure high social and environmental integrity of investments. Carbon credits claimed by companies must represent additional, real, quantifiable, and verifiable emissions reductions or removals, and must not be double counted.


BASCS members support investments that deliver environmental and social integrity and co-benefits and have strong safeguards, in addition to driving real GHG emissions reductions. Members will seek investments that quantify these co-benefits when possible.